What is Disability Advocacy?

Advocacy is speaking, acting or writing on behalf of the interests of a person or group in order to promote, protect and defend the welfare of and justice of either the person or group. What advocacy services does DAIS provide?

  • Individual Advocacy
  • Systemic Advocacy
  • Community Education
  • Training
  • Other Services and items of interest

  These video clips on Youtube from the National Disability Advocacy Program(NDAP) explain what  Advocacy is and how you can get a fair go. 

  Introduction to Advocacy 



 What is Self-Advocacy?  


Individual Advocacy

 Individual Advocacy is when an advocate worker assists you with your issues and helps you link into services you require.

This video clip on Youtube from the National Disability Advocacy Program (NDAP) explains what Individual Advocacy is.


Who can receive Individual Advocacy?

  • All people with disabilities. These disabilities can include;
  • Acquired brain injury
  • Physical
  • Intellectual
  • Sensory
  • Psychiatric
  • Psychological
  • Multiple disabilities

Families are involved wherever possible and appropriate.

DAIS works with people living in North East Victoria and Southern NSW.

 Map of DAIS Regional Area

DAIS region map

What will DAIS do?

  • Assist people with disabilities to resolve problems
  • Provide information and support. Refer to appropriate services
  • Represent individuals when dealing with service providers
  • Take issues to government departments and Ministers
  • Instigate proceedings in the Equal Opportunity Commission
  • Refer to the Commissioner for Discrimination

 How to make a Referral

You can call our service or have someone call on your behalf   contact DAIS

DAIS will make an appointment with the Intake Worker who will spend time finding out what the issue is and talk to you about how to resolve the issue

If the Intake Worker is unable to resolve your issue you will be referred to an Advocate.

 DAIS brochure  


DAIS Outreach

DAIS regularly visits towns within our region. For details of when we will visit your town please find listed below or alternatively, contact DAIS.

DAIS Outreach 2016 :


Corowa Community Hub,
Shop 18-20 Corowa Arcade,
113 Sanger Street

Time:1:30 - 3:30 pm

Dates:Wednesday 19th October 2016

Wednesday 21 December 2016

Neighborhood Centre,
Corner Trickett & Napier Streets
Date:Thursday 4 August 2016 -3pm to 4pm
Date: Thursday 2 November 2016– 3pm to 4pm


Shop 1 Central Arcade, Murray Street

Date:Thursday 4 August  2016
Date: Thursday 2 November 2016


Community Neighbourhood House
39 Hanson  Street
Client interview by appointment please call DAIS on Ph: (02) 60562420 or Toll Free 1300 886 388

Greater Hume Shire Council
Library Complex
Bowler Street (Turn left into Bowler street then right into Library Lane)
Client interview by appointment please call DAIS on Ph: (02) 60562420 or Toll Free 1300 886 388

Oven’s and King Community Health Service
32 Smith Street
Client interview by appointment please call DAIS on Ph: (02) 60562420 or Toll Free 1300 886 388

Mansfield Library
Collopy Street
Client interview by appointment please call DAIS on Ph: (02) 60562420 or Toll Free 1300 886 388

Benalla Library
2 Fawckner Drive
Client interview by appointment please call DAIS on Ph: (02) 60562420 or Toll Free 1300 886 388

Wangaratta Central
15-17 Ely Street
Client interview by appointment please call DAIS on Ph: (02) 60562420 or Toll Free 1300 886 388

Bright Library
14 Ireland Street
Client interview by appointment please call DAIS on Ph: (02) 60562420 or Toll Free 1300 886 388

Locations and  Dates - Outreach 2016

There is currently no outreach at Tallangatta, Chiltern, Rutherglen and  Culcairn.Please contact the DAIS office for enquiries.Ph:1300 886 388 or  Ph:02 6056 2420



What is Systemic Advocacy?

This video clip on Youtube explains what Systemic Advocacy is.

Systemic Advocacy is about social change. It addresses discrimination affecting a number of people with disabilities by advocating for change to legislation, policies and practices. Systemic advocacy includes lobbying politicians, campaigning and public awareness raising in order to build an inclusive community.


What will DAIS do?

If there is a policy or issue affecting a group of people DAIS can talk to governments or other organisations and ask them to make changes. DAIS is involved in the planning, development and monitoring of services for people with disabilities at a local, regional, state and national level.



HACC Access and Support Service

The Access and Support service helps people who have diverse needs and who have difficulty finding out about services or getting the services they need.

The Access and Support service provides short term support for frail older people, people with a disability, and their carers, who:

  • Need help to stay living at home
  • Have diverse needs
  • Need help to access services

View HACC Access and Support Service Brochure

Diverse Needs

If you, or someone you are caring for is Aboriginal, have cultural or language barriers, are financially disadvantaged, have dementia or live in an isolated or remote area, an Access and Support worker may be able to you

Home and Community Care

The Access and Support service is funded by the Home and Community Care (HACC ) program.

HACC services work with you to stay living at home, active and connected with your community.

How can an Access and Support Worker help you?

The Access and Support Worker will talk to you about:

  • What is most important to you (your needs and goals)
  • What you need help with to stay safe and well at home
  • What you want to be able to do or keep doing

The Access and Support Worker can talk to you about the range of support services that are available in your area.

The Access and Support Worker will work in partnership with other people who support you such as family members, friends, your community, your doctor and other health professionals.

Catchment Area

The Access and Support Service is available in the region of North East Victoria

HACC Access and Support Catchment area


Community Education

What is community education?

Community Education picture

DAIS is available to educate the community and raise disability awareness and promote change in the community.

What will DAIS do?

Staff are available to:

  • Facilitate forums to identify issues
  • Teach at TAFE Colleges and Universities
  • Speak at schools
  • Conduct training sessions for staff members or workers
  • Write articles for the media


Justice Support Program


This video clip on Youtube explains what Police and Justice Support is.


What is the Justice Support Program?

The program was originally designed to provide support to people with an intellectual disability while at Albury Police Station and stemmed from the recognition that vulnerable people, including those with a disability, are over represented in the criminal justice system.

The JSP is a further extension of the court support service by:

  • Extending the court support service to include Corryong, Myrtleford, Wangaratta, Benalla and Mansfield courts
  • Offering a mentoring service to anyone with a disability who requires support to comply with a court order
  •  People, due to their disability may have difficulty understanding the requirements


How does the service work?

You are supported by our trained volunteers. Court and Police Support are available if the person is a victim, witness, or an alleged offender and police support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week

The JSP Support persons provide the following roles:

  • Help people to understand and exercise their rights
  • Are independent from police and legal professionals 
  • Help people to get legal advice and understand it 
  • Raise any individual needs of the person
  • Help people understand outcomes, conditions and consequences
  • Support people to abide by court orders

How to access Court Support

 If you need to go to court, contact DAIS and let us know:

* When you are going to court
* Which court you are attending, and
* Why you are required to attend court


Becoming a JSP Volunteer

The Justice Support Program operates using a pool of volunteers who act as support persons in court support roles. Volunteers usually have some prior experience working with people with a disability, in disability services, or studying toward this. Volunteers may also have a background in the legal or justice system or may be studying in this field.

JSP volunteers provide support to people with a disability who are required to attend Albury, Wodonga, Corryong, Myrtleford, Wangaratta, Benalla and Mansfield courts. Corryong, Mansfield and Benalla courts are to be serviced by volunteers within one hours driving distance from these courts.  

The JSP can only operate through the participation of our volunteer support persons.

Do you have these skills and attributes?

  • Good communication skills
  • Well presented and patient with others
  • Able to articulate complex issues
  • Reliable and willing to commit to the program
  • Able to complete documentation
  • Experience with people with disabilities is desirable

Acting as a support person to help people with a disability who confront the legal system, either as a defendant, a victim, or a witness, is personally rewarding and provides:

  • Support to the person throughout the judicial process
  • Help so the person understands and exercises their rights
  • Independence from police and legal professionals
  • Help for the person to get legal advice and understand it
  • Ability to raise any specific needs of the person
  • Help so the person understands outcomes, conditions and consequences

Volunteer induction involves a two-day training session for court support. Additional support and training are provided to all support persons as required.

The court support role is between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

Please contact DAIS if you wish to register an interest in volunteering or require further information


Contact DAIS Administration

Street Address: 132 Melbourne Road, Wodonga VIC 3690
Postal Address: PO Box 982 Wodonga VIC 3689
Telephone: Ph: 02 6056 2420 or  Ph:1300 886 388   (local call cost NSW and VIC only)
Fax: 02 6024 6809

Email: Contact DAIS            




Web Resources

Below are links to other useful websites that may be of interest. Please click on the required website address (www.) below. It will then open up in a new browser window.

When you are finished, just close that window to return here.


Information Directories

Abury Wodonga Community Guide

Looking for a local health, justice and community services or organisations? The Albury Wodonga Community Guide is a joint initative of AlburyCity and City of Wodonga

Human Services Directory (Victoria) 

The Human Services Directory (HSD) aims to provide Practitioners and Service
Providers with access to accurate and up-to-date information about health,
social & disability services in Victoria.

IDEAS  or 1800 029 904

IDEAS maintain extensive resources on disability. Search the IDEAS databases for information on disability services, equipment suppliers and accessible travel, as well as other high profile speciality information resources maintained by other agencies. If you do not find what you are looking for give IDEAS a call 

ServiceLink (NSW)

ServiceLink is an online directory of service providers in the Human Services sector in NSW.

Albury Wodonga Post School Directory

The Albury Wodonga Post School Directory explains the range of services available to support and assist students as they transition from school to employment or further training. The directory includes, Funding and Support, Tertiary Education, Apprenticeships, Employment, Volunteering, Day Services and Training, Transport and more.     View Directory


Who, What, Where Benalla 

This website provides informatiom on services and organisations that support the Benalla community. View directory 


The ECCV Multicultural Aged Care Services Directory (MACSD)  provides a free online platform for ethno-specific and multicultural age care organisations



The Better Health Channel's

Better Health Channel provide health and medical information that is quality assured, up to date and easy to understand.
The Better Health Channel is funded by the Victorian Government.


DirecotrySearch for Mental Health Services in NSW. Developed by Mental Health Association NSW


Disability Advocacy Resources

Disability Advocacy Resource Unit (DARU) 
DARU is a state wide service established to resource the disability advocacy sector in Victoria. DARU provide forums and training relevent to the sector. The website has a directory of advocacy services in Victoria.

Disability Advocacy Victoria 

Disability Advocacy Victoria (D.A.V.) is a peak body that was established to provide services and support to independent advocacy organisations within Victoria. 

DiVine website (VIC)

DiVine provides a directory of Current News and Events, articles about disability, health issues and more. DiVine is an online community for and by people with a disability.

The Intellectual Disability Rights Service (IDRS) (NSW)

The Intellectual Disability Rights Service (IDRS) is a specialist Community Legal Centre that helps people with an intellectual disability with their legal issues. Advice can also be given to family members, carers, advocates or others who are seeking advice on behalf of a person with an intellectual disability.


Law, Justice and Human Rights

Albury Family Law Pathway Network

information about the network, including resources such as the recently updated Separated Services Guide and  Referral card for services. These documents will be distributed throughout the network in coming months and can be downloaded  from the website. They are a valuable resource for clients and professionals to assist in navigating the family law system.  

Lawlink (NSW)

Lawlink in an online portal to law and justice agencies and services in NSW including Anti-Discrimination Board, court and tribunal services, Legal Aid Service, and Industrial Relations Commission. The lawlink website has resources and information regarding specifically to the law.

Australasian Legal Information Institute

The Australasian Legal Information Institute provides free internet access to Australian legal materials. This site also provides a large index of other legal web sites from around the world.

Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission

Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission investigates alleged infringements under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992.  The website has information regarding access and how to reduce disability discrimination, including examples of Disability Discrimination Action Plans.

Criminal Justice Support Network (CJSN) (NSW)

The home page for Criminal Justice Support Network (CJSN), provides a range of useful resources and publications for people with an intellectual disability, their supports, lawyers, agencies, police and criminal justice staff.

Legal Answers (NSW)

The State Library of NSW has listings of legal services available throughout NSW including Community Legal Services, Intellectual Disability Rights Service, Legal Aid Commission, NSW Disability Discrimination LeCentre, Public Interest Advocacy Centre, Welfare Rights Centre, and Wiradjuri Aboriginal Legal Service.

Law Access (NSW)
Law Acces is an excellent source of information about your specific legal problem. Legal issues are grouped according to the type of legal problem you have and includes fact sheets.

Hume Riverina Community Legal Service

Hume Riverina Community Legal service provide free and confidential legal advice and information for individuals who reside or work in North East Victoria or the Riverina of NSW, especially those on low incomes, or otherwise disadvantaged in their access to justice.

Victorian Legal Aid (VIC)

Legal Aid New South Wales

Legal Aid provides a range of services to people who need advice, assistance and representation, and who qualify for legal aid. This site provides information such as applying for legal aid, getting a lawyer and how to get help at the court.

Victims Services Website (NSW)

Victims Services is part of the Department of Attorney General and Justice in New South Wales. Victims Services  provide support and information for victims of crime in New South Wales. On the website you will find information about how to access counselling, compensation and victims rights.

Victims of Crime Website (VIC)

Victims of Crime website provides helpful information regarding counselling and support services, police investigations and court processes, obtaining compensation, domestic violence, sexual assault and victims rights.


Guardianship and Financial  Administration 

Guardianship Tribunal (NSW)

The Guardianship Tribunal can appoint guardians for people with disabilities aged 16 years and over who are incapable of making their own decisions, and need a legally appointed substitute decision maker because no appropriate or safe informal arrangements are in place.

Public Guardian (NSW)

The Public Guardian promotes the rights and interests of people with disabilities through the practice of guardianship, advocacy and education.

NSW Trustee and Guardian (NSW)

NSW Trustee and Guardian commenced operations on 1 July 2009 merging the Public Trustee NSW and the Office of the Protective Commissioner. Its role is to act as an independent and Impartial Executor, Administrator and Trustee for the people of NSW.

Office of Public Advocate (VIC)

The Office of the Public Advocate aims to promote the rights and dignity of people with disabilities, and to strengthen their position in society. OPA can investigate problems and, if necessary, use special authority to make enquiries on behalf of people with disabilities where there are fears for their safety or concerns about their interests.

Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal VCAT (VIC)

The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal deals with disputes about consumer matters, credit, discrimination, domestic building works, guardianship and administration, residential tenancies and retail tenancies.


 Contact the Ombudsman -

Please Click on Link to the website you require:

                            - NSW  -
                            - Victoria -
                           - Telecommunications Industry -
                           - Energy & Water -

Government Agencies

Ageing, Disability and Home Care, (NSW)

Ageing, Disability and Home Care’s disability site. Here you will find links to the Behaviour Intervention Service, which provides support to people with intellectual disability who have, or are at risk of becoming involved in the criminal justice system.

Community Services Commission (NSW)

The Community Services Commission is part of the NSW Ombudsman's Office, and aims to promote and protect the interests, needs and rights of consumers of community services and to ensure consumers know how to act on their rights.

Department of Human Services (VIC)

Financial assistance, accommodation options, community involvment and other
supports and services for people with a disability, their families and carers.



Publication Resources

Assistive Technology in the Workplace for People with a Disability
Produced by the National Disability Coordination Officer ProgramThis booklet provides information about technology that can be used in the workplace by people with a disability.


 Department of Health - For porviders of aged care services -  Department of Social Services communique - Carer Gateway

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